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Waterside Inn Morning Blend Coffee


Exclusively Selected by Alain Roux

A smooth, rich, perfectly balanced coffee. A blend of 80% high-quality Arabica beans from Southern America and Vietnam and 20% high grade spicy, monsooned Robusta beans from India.  Roasted and blended in Italy by our master roaster in the artisan tradition dating back to 1934.

This blend impresses with excellent, balanced flavours and a creamy mouth fill.  The taste profile is characterised by cocoa, roasted hazelnut and subtle toasted bread notes.

Suitable for cafetieres, stovetop and pour over.  Recommended measurements: Cafetiere 15gm coffee to 250ml water | Stovetop 20gm coffee to 150ml water | Pour Over 21gm coffee to 120ml water.


Weight 265 g
Dimensions 17 × 8 × 5 cm

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