Creating a signature scent is a very personal journey but Richard at Arcania Apothecary is helping Laura Roux to discover the perfect fragrance.  We can’t wait to bring the essence of The Waterside inn into your home

Homemade strawberry jane will soon be landing in our boutique….de-li-cious!


A glimpse of something very special coming soon…can anyone guess what it could be that is coming to the Alain Roux boutique?

The Waterside Inn’s green credentials have greatly improved courtesy of an exciting partnership with our good friends at Porsche GB. Four of their latest design electric vehicle car charging stations have just been installed.  We are proud to feature as a charging stop on the Porsche Navigation system.  All patrons and visitors arriving in an Electric or Hybrid vehicle with a Type 2 connector can now charge for free whilst enjoying their visit to The Waterside Inn.


Today we were delighted to welcome Porsche Business Excellence Manager, Neil Chester showcasing the first Porsche all-electric dream sports car, the Taycan, to officially launch the partnership.  Chef Alain Roux says, “This is an essential service we are so pleased to offer our guests.  We are looking forward to a productive partnership.  Porsche don’t just build amazing cars, they build strong relationships. It was an easy, natural decision since Porsche share our passion and drive to improve customer experience and the environment.”  General Manager, Frédéric Poulette says, “We are thrilled to be involved with the Porsche programme to support the environment and our guests.  Now when you visit the Waterside Inn, you will be able to recharge your Porsche or electric and hybrid car batteries, together with your own!” 

One of the unseen improvements we have undertaken during the latest lockdown is the replacement of the Restaurant’s heating, air conditioning and air filtration system.  The old system was on its last legs so lockdown has been the perfect time to get this done.

When we closed in November the old plant was ripped out and it was a sad sight to behold.

We were back to the bare bones.  An additional layer of insulation was added across the dining room roof and then the entire roof was recovered with a long lasting single-ply membrane.

Summit Design were engaged to install Panasonic’s Advanced nanoe™X Air Purification System.  Nanoe™X are tiny, nano-sized electrostatic water particles that contain ions and Hydroxyl radicals. These Hydroxyl radicals within the nanoe™X react to hydrogen (H) contained in pollen, bacteria, viruses, and odour compounds, altering their molecules and inhibiting them. Nanoe™X reliably reaches bacteria & odours and filters out 99.3% of coronavirus / 99.9% of influenza (H1N1) under laboratory testing.

This is the latest and, we believe, the best system it’s possible to install and we are totally thrilled with the final result.

Our guests may not notice any difference in their restaurant experience but we know we have taken every step possible to make the environment they walk into is as safe as can be.

Keep safe! We are looking forward to being open again and welcoming you all back.

Chef Alain Roux shares how to prepare one of The Waterside Inn’s signature dishes, Tronconnettes de Homard, with Chef Michael Nizerro.  How wonderful to see Chefs cooking! Cllick here to watch this masterclass on YouTube

Happy Christmas to all our wonderful guests and we hope it will not be too long before we are making this dish again for you.




You may know that The Waterside Inn takes an annual closure of 4 weeks at the end of December for essential maintenance and staff holidays.  However, in light of the financially unfeasible reality of opening for just a couple of weeks in December, Alain Roux decided to bring forward our annual closure to December.  It will also mean our staff can have a short break with family, should circumstances permit this.

New Summer Houses

The beautiful gazebos are much loved by our guests and have graced the terrace for many years.  However, in spite of a lot of care, attention and maintenance they have come to the end of their life. Lockdown and the annual closure is the perfect time to set about replacing them.

New Restaurant Heating

The heating and ventilation “died” at just the right time!! We are replacing the entire structure with a system by Panasonic which uses nanoe X technology to inhibit pollutants,certain types of viruses and bacteria to clean and deoderise the air you breathe.

Reservations for the reopening in January

Bookings can still be made while we are closed. The Reservations Office is operating Monday to Friday and with a six month reservations window you can start planning your visit up to the end of June 2021. Contact by emailing or calling 01628 620691

Keep safe, have a good Christmas and we all look forward to seeing you next year.

Chef Alain Roux, Frédéric Poulette and all The Waterside Inn team.

World Smile Day 2020

A Hint of Provence and Louis Armstrong for your backing track

Ex. Waterside Inn Sous Chef, Michael Nizerro, gives a masterclass on how to prepare a raspberry soufflé…aprons on everyone!

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