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We are delighted to announce that Alain Roux has become the new Patron of Swan Lifeline.

We have a special connection with the swans, being right by the River Thames. Alain says;

“The swan is the emblem of The Waterside Inn, they’re part of the family.  Our guests love and respect them and so do we.  Over the years generations of swan families have bred here, and we feel very protective of them.  We look forward to the swan-upping ceremony and sometimes welcome David Barber, the Royal Swan Marker and his team to stop by for refreshments.   I admire the work of Swan Lifeline having had cause to call them out on a few occasions. It’s a pleasure and an honour to join as patron, to help spotlight the work they do. Their staff, trustees, and team of volunteers rescue, rehabilitate and release Swans back into the wild.  I also admire their work in the community, educating children and young people about the environment, the river and the dangers posed by pollution and litter. They also run a successful work experience programme for those with special needs.”

The charity relies completely on voluntary donations, whilst swans face ever greater challenges including that of Avian Flu.  If you would like to read more about the important work of Swan Lifeline visit their website via this link.