Terms & Conditions

BOOKING lead time

We take reservations for lunch and dinner in the restaurant 3 months in advance of the month we are in and for overnight accommodation 6 months in advance. Private dining room bookings are accepted up to 12 months in advance.

room bookings

Please note that we are unable to accept any bedroom reservation without an accompanying restaurant booking. A room reservation automatically guarantees a table reservation.


All bedrooms are confirmed by a deposit of £150.00 per room per night. Restaurant and private dining room bookings for 8 or more guests are confirmed by a deposit of £60.00 per person.

Room Cancellation 

Bedroom reservations cancelled less than 7 days prior to the arrival date will be liable for the full room rate for one night.

Restaurant and Private Dining Room Cancellation 

Reservations for 8 or more guests in the main restaurant or private dining room that are cancelled less than 3 days prior to the date of their booking will loose the deposit.

reservations for 8 or more guests

we ask parties for 8 or more guests to select one set menu for the whole table in advance. This choice will be served to the entire table. We will, of course, cater for anyone with special dietary requirements


The team at The Waterside Inn have always taken food safety very seriously and particularly so when it concerns allergens in food.  In fact we have informally been supplying full allergen information to our restaurant guests for many years and are now pleased to do so under the formal structure of the new rules.  It has always seemed right to us for our industry to supply this important information on the food we serve to our guests.  We are often not the greatest fans of the Brussels bureaucracy but for once regulations derived from Europe receive our full approval and we look forward to continuing to serve our guests fabulous food with both style and safety.


Guests are kindly advised that, if you wish to take a discreet photo please refrain from using any flash and kindly respect the privacy of others.

Mobile phones

The use of mobile phones should be restricted in the dining room.


Our restaurant dress code is “elegantly smart”.  We do not require gentlemen to wear jacket and tie but please note that long trousers for gentlemen are compulsory.  We do not permit sportswear in the restaurant or on the terrace by the river.  Entry to the restaurant is entirely at the management’s discretion if this customary guidance is not embraced.


Our restaurant is not suitable for children under the age of 9 years old

Pets and Guide Dogs

Animals are not accepted unless assisting guests with disabilities