Michel Roux loves taking his dog, Henri, out with him on shoots and for walks.  When Michel is travelling Henri stays at The Dog House in Carmarthenshire; the doggie equivalent to staying at The Savoy!  Mark and Gillian Thompson have created a much-loved activity holiday and education centre designed exclusively for the teaching and enjoyment of dogs.  Henri loves it! 

Mark, Gillian and Michel all know that food is the way to anyone's heart and for a dog it can be an especially good reward for a job well done.  It was only natural that they should pool their resources to create Random Rewards and Bedtime Biscuits.  You will not find any artificial colourants or preservatives in these recipes and they are formulated without wheat and wheat gluten.  These have to be the ultimate treats for any pooch...they certainly put the wag into Henri's tail!

Formulated by expert trainers with recipes crafted by Michel Roux.  

Available to purchase via our online shop