Diego Masciaga 

We all know and recognise Diego as the face of The Waterside Inn welcoming guests, making them feel at home and anticipating every need before the guest knows it himself!  This is a rare, unique skill that has been perfected over a lifetime working with and for the Roux family.  Diego is a humble man and not one for shouting from the roof.  However acknowledging his achievements over the years is really no less than stating facts; facts to be rightly proud of.  Diego has long been a holder of the title Master of Culinary Arts but in 2010 he became only the third recipient of the Grand Prix de l'Art de la Salle from L'Académie Internationale de Gastronomie!  He was delighted to accept this not least because it sends the message to todays youngsters that being a waiter is most definately an honourable line of work to aspire towards.

2012 saw Diego being awarded the Cavaliere Ordine al Merito della Repubblica Italiana (the equivalent of the knighthood) by the Italian Government in recognition of his contribution to the Hospitality industry and for supporting so many young people the profession.  Needless to say he is rightly proud of this, not just for himself, but for his family, wife Kerry and daughters Francesca and Isabella, who have supported him unceasingly over the years through the long hours that this way of life demands of its disciples.

A font of knowledge has been amassed by Diego over the course of his long and very varied career and November 2014 saw the publication of "The Diego Masciaga Way".  A beautifully crafted, easily readable book encapsulating Diego's approach to his work, his man management and most importantly, his way of motivating the youngsters of today to become the "Diego" of tomorrow.  After all he does work for the Roux family and creating a legacy of skill and excellence is synonymous with the name of Roux and Diego.  It is no surprise this book is proving a best seller!

Learn more about Diego's philosophy http://www.speakers.co.uk/microsites/diego-masciaga/​